Who’s on the list of top 10 fake news outlets in the US?

There are many things that make up a fake news article, but the fact that the US is currently running a war on false news is one of them.

As a result, many fake news sites are able to flourish in a nation with an enormous amount of information.

The problem with fake news is that it is incredibly difficult to detect and stop.

So far, there have been some major efforts at combating fake news, but so far they have mostly been focused on removing the most harmful content and curtailing the ability of certain sites to spread misinformation.

However, a new study published on Friday by a group of researchers at Johns Hopkins University suggests that a broader strategy might be a better approach, as it suggests that it might be possible to identify and combat fake news before it ever reaches a mainstream audience.

The researchers analyzed the website of the Washington Post and found that about 25% of the posts on its website are made by individuals with no affiliation to the Post, according to a news release from the Johns Hopkins researchers.

That’s far below the percentage of fake news that the Post reported, but it’s still a significant amount.

The team found that almost half of the articles on the Post’s website were written by people with a known or suspected political affiliation, and only about half of them were written in a way that would be considered newsworthy.

Of those articles, about 30% were made by people who were not affiliated with the Post at all.

In other words, the researchers said, the Post is likely making fake news about itself, rather than about real issues.

The analysis also found that nearly a third of the fake news posts were written during the past year, which is roughly in line with the average year for which fake news websites are tracked.

The Post’s data was taken from the same sources that are used by the U.S. government to monitor foreign news outlets.

And it’s not just fake news from the Post.

There are a number of other websites that are also pushing fake news and are likely to have been intentionally spreading it, the team said.

In the case of the Post article, for example, the authors wrote that “the headline and the content appear to be from a fake story about the election.”

In that case, the analysis found, the site did not publish the article because it did not have a link to the original article.

The study suggests that even if fake news was not the primary source for some of the content on the site, it could be difficult to prove that it was.

“Because the vast majority of articles published on the sites we studied were created prior to the election, it is likely that some of these websites intentionally spread misinformation,” the researchers wrote.

“The goal of this study is to identify potential sources of false news on the web and identify those who may be using them to mislead the public.

While it is difficult to attribute false content to a single website, it can be possible for individuals who post content on a number, many sites, or on a few websites to have a direct impact on the content they post.”

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