The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode List (OFFICIAL)

The Rising of the Shield Hero has been one of the best isekai-fantasy anime of all time. This interesting anime was released back in 2019 but not many people watched it then. The second ongoing season of this anime created the hype which made others watch its first season as well. Anyways, the story is quite interesting once you dwell into it. 

The story revolves around an average 20 years old university student who gets isekai’d into another world full of magic, weird creatures, and heroes. Naofumi Iwatani, along with others, was chosen to be summoned into this world and protect it against a catastrophe known as the Waves.

In this blog, we’re going to summarize the episodes for you. If you don’t have the time to watch it, you can just read it. So, let’s get started! 


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Episode 1: The Shield Hero 

While Naofumi Iwatani was in the library at his university, he found a book based on fantasy and it was about heroes. These heroes possessed different weapons like the Spear, Sword, Bow, and Shield.

So, while reading, our boy gets summoned to another world along with other people (heroes) from other versions of Earth. In this universe, he has to save everyone from weird monsters named “Waves”. 

When the parties were formed, nobody joined Naofumi since he looked weak. However, a member of Spear Hero’s party ends up joining him. But this all happened for the worse. Therefore, the first thing our boy experienced after summoning into another world was “betrayal”. He was accused of many things he didn’t do and Myne stole his belongings as well. 


Episode 2: The Slave Girl 

After going through some fights with thugs, he realizes that he cannot survive alone just yet. A trader named Beloukas approaches him and suggested to go to the slave market to buy a slave. That’s when our MC meets a demi-human girl named Raphtalia. He decides to buy her. After doing so, they now share EXP when they fight. So, that was a good decision after all. 


Episode 3: Wave of Catastrophe 

Naofumi trains hard for the next “Wave” and learns to transform his shield as well. These shields have different abilities which can be proved useful in many situations. On the other hand, Raphtalia grows into a perfect adult woman. After training, both of them pay a visit to the Capital’s Cathedral and the Dragon Hourglass which helps to measure the time between the catastrophic Waves. 

After measuring the time for the next Wave, Raphtalia and Naofumi meet other heroes too. All of them were trained very well which worried our MC. 


Episode 4: Lullaby at Dawn 

After fighting the wave, all the heroes get invited to a dinner which Naofumi hesitantly attends. Myne appears and tells Motoyasu how Naofumi is forcing Raphtalia to be his slave and challenges Naofumi. He declines it and King Aultcray Melromarc forces the duel by taking Raphtalia hostage. 

Motoyasu VS. Naofumi: Now, since our boy has a lot of shields, he had the upper hand while the duel commenced. Sure, Motoyasu is on a higher level when it comes to fighting but that doesn’t change the fact that Naofumi’s shields can be transformed and it’s very versatile.

Myne steps into the battle which helps Motoyasu defeat Naofumi; that’s when Motoyasu claims that he has won! And at that moment, the King confesses that Myne is her daughter aka “Malty”. 


Episode 5: Filo 

On a different land, Queen Mirelia hears about the duel that happened the other day at the castle. Raphtalia begs for a new slave seal just so she could prove to Naofumi that she’s a loyal companion not a slave. On the other hand, Naofumi buys an egg named Filo. After that, Filo grows quickly and that ends up increasing Naofumi’s party. 

After some days, Naofumi gets shocked to hear that the village is going to be under Motoyasu’s rule. Naofumi tries to stop the heavy taxes. Some moments later, Myne appears and challenges Naofumi to a race. Just when the challenge is about to begin, Filo comes and kicks Motoyasu up into the sky, surpassing his dragon. 


Episode 6: A New Comrade 

Naofumi takes Filo with him to different places. He ends up buying some clothes for Filo. They both went to a magic shop, the owner said that he can’t make the outfit without a magical stone. That’s when they look for the magical gemstone. Will they be able to find it? 


Episode 7: The Savior of the Heavenly Fowl 

After finding the magical gemstone at an abandoned tomb house, they proceed on their journey and find out that the village encountered a monstrous plant. They all learn that the seed at the tomb house is something used by Motoyasu to end the famine in the village. Since Motoyasu was gone, they all depended on Naofumi. That’s how Naofumi defeated the monstrous plant and altered the seeds as well. 


Episode 8: Curse Shield

 A very mysterious disease was known to spread throughout another village. Naofumi goes to investigate when the other heroes reject it. The Sword Hero killed a dragon and it contaminated the surroundings, giving rise to the mysterious disease. When Naofumi’s party reached the corpse, the dragon turned into a zombie and they fought.

This dragon engulfed Filo and that triggered Naofumi’s Curse Series, Wrath. During this battle, Naofumi also got injured badly but Raphtalia was there for him. All of a sudden, Filo comes out from the belly of this dragon.

But Raphtalia gets injured as well after she stops Naofumi from being consumed by rage. That’s when Naofumi regrets getting his members involved in this situation.


Episode 9: Melty 

Now, they needed The Holy Water to cure Raphtalia’s wounds. They all head to the capital and they meet a girl named Melty who becomes Filo’s friend. Naofumi and Raphtalia go their way while Filo and Melty play.

When Naofumi and Raphtalia appear in the church, they almost get scammed by someone who offers them the lowest quality of the Holy Water. While the pope helped them get high-grade holy water. When Motoyasu learns that Naofumi is in town, he, of course, attacks him by all means


Episode 10: In the Midst of Turmoil 

Naofumi gets offered to join a party since he saved Lute Village. Naofumi said that he’ll only do this if they offer 150 silver coins to prove their loyalty. A royal decree stepped in and asked them to not use Melromarc’s Dragon Hourglass. That’s when Naofumi comes up with a plan to head for Shieldfreedan, but the problem is that the wave’s gonna hit soon. 


Episode 11: Catastrophe Returns 

When the wave starts, Naofumi along with his party kills the Waves. Once Naofumi healed an old woman who claimed that she was a retired adventurer. After a few hours, our boy starts worrying about the other heroes and leaves the village along with the elderly woman to save the others.

While Naofumi saves the three stooges, he comes across a new power called Iron Maiden. HAHA, no it’s not a metal band reference (it certainly is). He now has a new ability but mysterious enemies appeared as well.


Episode 12: The Raven Invader 

Glass, a mysterious woman, defeats the other parties and challenges Naofumi. Even though Naofumi had so many shields along with Raphtalia and Filo supporting him, they couldn’t even attack. After the battle, Naofumi tries to find out the time limit of the Waves’ attack and luckily Glass was sent back along with the Waves. Aultcray asks Naofumi about his abilities, and Naofumi asks him to kneel in front of him and beg.

A woman warns Naofumi about the outcomes if he messes with him. Anyways, on the other hand, Melty tries to convince his father to befriend Naofumi again. All the while, Naofumi’s party heads for Shieldfreeden for Raphtalia and Filo’s sake. 


Episode 13: The Devil of the Shield 

Naofumi protects Melty in a situation set up by Malty and the knights accuse him of kidnapping her. Naofumi finds a unique pendant on a guard who despises the shield. At the Royal Palace, some wizards edit Naofumi’s recording. Naofumi’s party plans to protect Melty at all costs which requires quite hard work as they are being cornered by the other heroes. 


Episode 14: Everlasting Memory 

Malty’s party starts a fire to force Naofumi’s party out of their area. Next morning, a royal decree blocks the border at Siltvet. These circumstances left no other choice for Naofumi than to meet Mirelia. After some weird encounters, they get accompanied by Reichnott who asks them to stay the night in his estate.

However, Reichnott gets arrested while Naofumi and Raphtalia hide inside the kitchen pantry. Melty has something planned for both of them and will eventually save them. 


Episode 15: Raphtalia 

In this episode, we see a flashback where Raphtalia’s hometown gets destroyed by the first Wave, and the other villagers get enslaved by Melromarc. That’s when Raphtalia, along with her best friend, was sold to Rabier.

Raphtalia luckily survives but her best friend dies. Rabier sends her to Beloukas and that’s how she was bought by Naofumi. So, this episode is based on Raphtalia’s story. 


Episode 16: Filolial Queen 

As Naofumi’s party is fighting the Rex-Dragon, Melty observes that Filo and the monsters glow the exact same light. There, they have to fight the monsters but their attacks have no effect. Their attacks will have effects if a Filolia Queen appears. Thus, the Filolial Queen appears and introduces herself in the human form named Fitoria. 


Episode 17: A Promise Made 

The very next day, Fitoria makes Melty her hostage and forces Naofumi to reconcile with the other heroes. To test this, she decides to fight Filo with her weakest powers. While this is happening, Filo is able to escape her tricks and land a hit. This makes Filo Fitoria’s successor, which is a good thing! 


Episode 18: A Conspiracy Linked 

Fitoria takes Naofumi along with his party to a nearby place so that they can start reconciling with the other heroes. That’s when Naofumi’s party meets Motoyasu. Motoyasu, just like any other day, puts all the blame on Naofumi. This time, he accuses him of killing Ren & Itsuki. Their small argument transforms into a huge battle. 


Episode 19: The Four Cardinal Heroes 

Melty observes that the highest priest at the church has a very old weapon that can copy all the four weapons that the Cardinal Heroes possess. Isn’t that cool? Naofumi and Motoyasu combine forces to fight the pope who wanted to kill all the Cardinal Heroes, especially Naofumi.

At this moment, Ren and Itsuki appear and explain how they were healed. Just when they’re discussing things, the Pope attacks them and Naofumi saves them. 


Episode 20: Battle of Good and Evil 

The four heroes are unable to break through the Pope’s Cathedral Spell and Naofumi finds another interesting fact about his shield. His curse shield’s effect gets nullified. The Pope doesn’t simply stop and endangers the life of his members by letting them feed magic into the weapon. 


Episode 21: Naofumi’s Triumphant Return 

After Mirellia’s army arrests the Pope’s followers and the pope is defeated by Naofumi, she properly introduces herself to others and says that she will save Naofumi no matter what happens. Naofumi spends three days recovering. Mirellia apologizes for bothering him like this and getting him into trouble with the church.

She claims that she was absent due to the catastrophe caused by the four cardinal heroes after being summoned. After Naofumi recovers, he’s given a farewell party. Naofumi says goodbye to everyone and accepts himself as the Shield Hero. 


Episode 22: Four Heroes Council 

Naofumi’s party again goes to the Dragon Hourglass but this time they have to receive Class Up upgrades. However, they fail. On the other hand, Mirellia finds Fitoria interesting and exposes herself by saying that she’s a filolial otaku. During one formal meal, the four heroes conduct a private meeting and Raphtalia fights a member of another hero’s party. 

The very next day, Naofumi goes to Raphtalia’s village to grieve Rifana’s death and to pay his respects. As he’s on his way, he comes across two travelers who are headed for Cal Mira. All the rooms are busy and that’s why Naofumi has to share his room with them. 


Episode 23: Cal Mira Archipelago 

The travelers introduced themselves as L’Arc and these travelers claim that they have heard of the Shield Hero after Naofumi introduced himself. Arriving at Cal Mira, Naofumi’s party stays at the resort. And Naofumi takes his members for XP Grinding all across the archipelago. That’s when they come across some more monsters. Will they be able to defeat them? 


Episode 24: Guardians of Another World 

After learning about the new Wave, Naofumi precautions Mirellia to accumulate a large pile of the naval fleet to fight the Waves. L’Arc, along with his other fellow, help Naofumi. While other naval members fight regular monsters, the four heroes fight the boss monster.

These heroes and Naofumi’s party end up defeating the monsters and that’s when Glass arrives who is quite impressed by Naofumi’s increased strength. 


Episode 25: The Rising of the Shield Hero

Moving on to the last episode, Naofumi and Glass fight 1v1. She says that she’s a hero belonging to the homeland of L’Arc. Naofumi observes that she’s weak when it comes to the Soul Eater Shield. He doesn’t really want to kill Glass. Raphtalia reminds Naofumi of his one and only goal which is nothing more than to save others. 

Mirellia, on the other hand, finds Rishia Ivyred, who’s from the bow hero’s party. She launches her liquid barrels at Glass. That’s how Glass gets intoxicated. Everything turns very intense when the time limit of Waves’ is about to hit and Naofumi observes that there are other worlds as well. He makes Rishia join him since she was trying to kill herself. 

Naofumi ends up taking the award that was given to him which is becoming the Lord of Seyaette. Naofumi promises to rebuild it and Raphtalia says that this is something related to the insurance. So, should Naofumi go home or live here with Raphtalia and Filo? Naofumi says that it’s his new beginning! 


The second season of The Rising of the Shield Hero released on 20th April, 2022. It tells us the Spirit Tortoise appears and it causes catastrophe through many territories. We’ll know about the story of season 2 in the episodes below! Let’s find out! 


Episode 1: A New Roar 

The season 2 begins with Naofumi looking after Seyaette along with watching over Rishia’s training. Suddenly, Naofumi’s party gets attacked by bat familiars and Raphtalia along with Filo easily defeats them. 

When the countdown of the Waves stop, other heroes disappear since they don’t want to face the awakened “Spirit Tortoise”. Naofumi is the only one who has accepted the situation and therefore, Raphtalia helps him encounter the spirit with a goal in her mind. She just wants to increase her XP. 

As Naofumi’s party is travelling towards the Spirit Tortoise Kingdom, Filo reminds Naofumi of the fact that the heroes should stay together to fight. They overhear some rumors saying that the other three heroes have been knocked out. Their party gets attacked again and again, however, Naofumi’s shield finishes them. At the end, a hooded woman appears who asks Naofumi to kill her. 


Episode 2: Footprints of the Spirit Tortoise 

After the disappearance of the hooded woman, Naofumi meet up with some generals along with the Queen. They discuss their plan to encounter the Spirit Tortoise. The generals reveal that seven other heroes will be introduced who are going to help in this case but they might as well not show up. 

That’s when the hooded woman makes her move and introduces herself by the name Ost Horai. She’s one of the familiars of the Spirit Tortoise but she decides to help everyone in this case. The generals start to fight and shout at each other which forced Naofumi out of the room. 

Raphtalia tells Naofumi that she wants to protect several territories and that’s when they come up with different stretagies to defeat the Spirit Tortoise.


Episode 3: Shaking Land 

Just like Naofumi planned, the armies prepared their assault since the Spirit Tortoise is coming nearer. Naofumi along with Ost deceive some of the monsters. Naofumi decorates his cart with the Shield Hero Flag that impresses other soldiers. This episode mainly tells us about the teamwork of Naofumi and Ost.



And that brings us to the conclusion of The Rising of the Shield Hero episode list. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog and learned almost everything about this anime. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments down below! 

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