The Newest Manga App of 2022 Is Here! ~ Mangapon: Daily Comic App! ~ – Advertorial

Available to download (iOS / Android) for free in over 70 countries including the US, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and more! App launched on April 4th, 2022.

WWWave of America Corp. has recently released Mangapon, a free manga reading app containing popular and exciting Japanese manga officially translated into English. The titles hosted on the app are published by wwwave comics, with works in various genres such as Shojo, Seinen, Josei, and Shonen. New titles are planned to be released continuously so you’ll always have new stories to read!

Mangapon: Daily Comic App is free to download from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Here’s what you can expect from the app!

Free Manga Available!
The first two chapters of most manga are free to read! You can use this as a chance to discover new stories and find ones that may interest you.

All manga published by WWWave are part of the Daily Free Countdown (DFC) catalog – which means you just have to log in every day to read your next free episode! You can read a chapter of your choice for free every 23 hours as long as the chapter is part of the DFC.

New Content Added Every Day!
New chapters are added at midnight every day! For ongoing series, you’ll most likely see a new chapter update once a week. Each chapter costs approximately US$0.50. You can visit the “Daily Page” to see what mangas are updated on each day of the week.

Popular Titles Available!
Here are some of our highly recommended manga!

Title: What Subaru Sarashina Says Goes!
Artist: Akua Uruu
Genre: Shojo
Summary: “You are mine!” He put me on his knees and kissed me in front of the camera…!

Title: Me (a Guy)… Becoming a GIRLFRIEND!?
Artist: Satoru
Genre: Seinen
Summary: I was suddenly turned into a girl and the only way to turn back is to enter into a “love relationship” with another girl?!

Title: Bride of the Demon – I Was Sealed as His Prey
Artist: Cota
Genre: Shojo
Summary: The one I promised to get married to when I was a child was… a Demon who feeds on the flesh of human beings…?!

All Mangas Are Officially Licensed
Mangapon has an official partnership with the creators, artists, owners, and publishers of all the content you see in the app. Therefore, you can directly support your favorite artists with your purchases from Mangapon!

Various Genres Available!
Mangapon offers manga in the following genres for various audiences:
Shojo – romance manga
Shonen – action, fantasy, and adventure
Seinen – suspense, mystery, violence and psychological stories
Josei – slice of life and interpersonal relationships
…and many more, coming soon!

Enter the App Download Campaign!
Mangapon is celebrating its launch with an “App Download Campaign” Event! There will be 1,000 winners of 5 free chapters. The winners will be randomly selected by raffle among those who download the app between April 4th to May 12th, 2022 (PDT)!

Download Mangapon for Free Now!

Follow Mangapon Here!
Keep yourself updated with the latest news by following Mangapon’s official Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts!

Mangapon is a newly released app, but there are plans to keep adding new content and expand the DFC library, so please look forward to it!

Let’s enjoy Japanese Manga with Mangapon!

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