The new $1,200,000 barbecue grill: A new frontier in the industry

There’s something for everyone in the world of barbecue, and we’ve all been there.

We’re just getting started.

But we can’t help but feel like we’ve been here before.

If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ve probably already heard the phrase “new frontier in” a couple of times.

There’s a new kind of barbecue that has come to market, one that has no boundaries, but can be so delicious and so satisfying that it takes you back to your childhood and even your childhood memories.

That’s the world that we’ve made with our new barbecue grilling device.

The new barbecue grill is a completely new way of cooking barbecue.

It’s called a “pot smoker,” which means it’s not an old-fashioned barbecue griller like some other barbecue gadgets, but it does have a few key differences.

First of all, it’s completely portable, and you can even cook it while sitting.

This is great for those days when you don’t have a lot of time for cooking.

This also makes it easy to make a great meal for your guests.

The whole point of the new grill is that you can have your barbecue on the go, with or without a smoker.

And when you’re out and about, you can bring it with you and share it with everyone.

We know there are some people who don’t like cooking, but this is an entirely new way to cook, with an amazing blend of flavor, comfort and comfort food.

And we’re proud to be one of the first to introduce it.

The new grill makes it possible to create delicious meals in a very short period of time.

The grill is built to be as portable as possible.

This means it can be carried anywhere, from your car to your home.

And it can cook up anything from steak to barbecue to burgers, so it’s easy to throw in your car or even your backyard.

The grill can cook in just under 30 minutes.

That means the grill can be made and ready in just minutes and the grill itself can be used in a matter of minutes.

And you can cook it on the grill, too.

That makes it even easier to share it on social media and even easier for the whole family to share a meal.

There are so many things that we’re excited about with the new barbecue Grill.

We’ve designed it to be easy to use and easy to clean.

It also uses a simple, yet elegant design that allows you to have the grill set up and ready right away, and to have it easily accessible from anywhere.

And while it’s designed to be portable, it can also be set up for outdoor cooking, which makes it ideal for outdoor dining.

And the new charcoal grills that we introduced in October 2016 are the perfect companion to the grill.

They’re so versatile and easy-to-use that they can be set for the outdoor grill, or set up in a different location to the grills themselves.

We want to be the first grill company to make these versatile grills even more accessible, so we’re offering the new Grill Pro and Grill Pro Pro Plus, which offer even more convenience and versatility.

And finally, the new grills come with all the benefits of the grill we introduced with our first product, the Grill.

This includes a new and improved heat-resistant stainless steel grille, new stainless steel fuel lines, and new ventilators, which will help keep your grill from overheating and causing damage to your food.

The stainless steel grill comes with a 12-month limited warranty and is backed by our full-service warranty program, which covers our entire warranty coverage.

And because of the high-quality, rugged construction, the stainless steel Grill Pro grill is more than capable of handling any task that comes along with a new barbecue.

In addition, the grill comes in two different sizes.

The Grill Pro is available in a 4-quart, 6-quart or 8-quart version.

And if you’re looking for a grill that can hold all the extra seating space you might want to upgrade to the Grill Pro Plus.

The size of the Grill Plus is 5-quart and the size of our Grill Pro grills is 12-quart.

And we can say, with absolute certainty, that we have created the best grill on the market.

The innovative design of the grilling grills make them more portable than ever before.

The grills are easy to set up, easy to transport and easy for the grill to be stored in your garage or in your kitchen, where you can easily access it.

And they’re built with a durable and easy grip that’s perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities.

The range of sizes, options and finishes that we offer to the world’s barbecue enthusiasts is impressive.

But the real star of the show is the new BBQ Grill Pro.

It is the world-class grill that

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