The Israeli gas plant, in Israel’s backyard, is being built by Israeli companies as a ‘bridge’ between Israel and the rest of the world

The Israeli-owned gas plant that provides electricity for the entire country was officially opened for business on Thursday, marking a major milestone in the countrys development of the next-generation gas-fired power station, according to Israel’s Gas Corporation.

The gas plant on the outskirts of Tel Aviv will be built by the Israeli gas company, Elbit, and will use a new gas turbine that has been designed specifically for use in a gas turbine.

This new turbine is capable of producing as much as 200 megawatts of power at full efficiency, and it will be the largest gas turbine in the world, according the company.

It is expected to produce as much energy as 40 megawatts, or more than double the power output of the country’s first gas turbine, which was built in 1948, according TOI.

The new turbine was developed to be a bridge between Israel, the world’s largest gas producer, and the United States, which supplies nearly all of the gas for Israel’s energy needs.

The new turbine will be connected to the Israeli power grid, and Israel is building two large gas storage tanks in the southern part of the plant to store excess gas and liquefied natural gas.

It will also use a massive, 4,500-kilometer long pipeline that will transport the gas and the liquefaction from the facility to the distribution system for Israel, and finally to the European Union.

Elbit is planning to construct the new gas plant with the help of Israel’s existing power plants, according Israeli media.

The gas plant was first announced in 2014, and Elbit initially hoped to start construction in 2019, but this project was postponed by the onset of the global financial crisis.

Israel’s current prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, also has promised to invest $2 billion in the gas plant in the coming years, and in January, the company announced that the government was working to secure additional funds.

The Elbit gas turbine was designed to be the world-first, and is capable to produce more than 200 megawatt-hours of power.

The company is currently seeking private financing to complete the plant, which is expected be completed in 2021.

The cost of building the gas turbine is estimated at $30 billion.

The Israeli government has also been actively working on the country s next generation gas power station.

Israel has been investing in its gas infrastructure in order to meet its growing energy needs and expand its export opportunities.

In April, the Israeli government approved the construction of a new 1,000-megawatt gas plant at the proposed site of the former Naftali Bennett government’s Haifa-area headquarters in the Israeli capital.

The construction of the new plant will create thousands of jobs, and according to the government, it will also increase the country t exports to Europe and beyond.

The $300 million project is the first of its kind in Israel, according Israel Gas Corporation, and was designed with the aim of improving Israel’s access to the global gas market, and making it easier for the country to diversify its gas supply sources.

Israel’s gas production is growing every year, and as of December, the country produced enough gas to supply the European market for more than 2,500 days, and exports to the United Nations and other international partners were projected to reach around $5 billion in 2020.

The country also has the potential to become the first country in the Middle East to be able to export its gas directly to the rest to the world.

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