STU48 Idols’ Concert Canceled After 13 Members Diagnosed With COVID-19 – News

5th anniversary concert was slated for Tuesday

The official website for AKB48 sister group STU48 announced on Sunday that the group is canceling its fifth anniversary concert on Tuesday in Hiroshima after 13 of the group’s members were diagnosed with COVID-19.

All the idols are receiving medical care according to health care professionals. The idols who contracted COVID-19 include: Mitsuki Imamura, Hina Iwata, Kai Kokoa, Yumiko Takino, Arisa Mineyoshi, Maiha Morishita, Yuka Oki, Anna Kawamata, Aiko Kojima, Himeka Sako, Sayaka Takao, Rinko Yoshizaki, and Momoka Rissen.

The staff will consider whether it is possible to hold the concert again at a later date.

STU48 (named after the Setouchi region of Japan) was founded in March 2017. The group performed the ending theme song for the Santa Company: Manatsu no Merry Christmas film.

Source: STU48‘s website via Otakomu

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