@realDonaldTrump tweets that the best barbecue in the world is the #PITG grill: https://t.co/j7pjw3q6dz

MSNBC Now – February 2, 2021 – 1:29:30″The best barbecue I have ever tasted, by far.

Just ask #Burgers for @realDonaldTrump, he’s one of the best in the business.”

– The President (@POTUS) February 2.20.20″The greatest hamburger in the history of the world.

The best hamburger that has ever existed.”

– President Trump (@PUSTRUMP) February 3.01.20Trump’s Twitter account is one of Trump’s few assets in the Trump White House, but it’s still a far cry from the sprawling network of advisers that is the White House’s regular Twitter feed. 

“He has a great staff, and I am very happy with that staff,” Trump told reporters in an interview with CBS on Friday.

“I am very thankful to have it.”

Trump was referring to a tweet on Tuesday that appeared to suggest that he was close to signing a memorandum of understanding with the New York-based fast-food giant to buy out the remaining stake in the chain that has been in his family since 1946.

The President’s Twitter feed is one that Trump has rarely used, but that is a step up from the regular feed that consists of short news articles and videos from his Twitter account.

Trump’s official account is a little more robust, but most of the content is taken from the daily feed of the president’s social media account.

“I am not sure how many people are watching, and that’s a very good thing,” said Jonathan Chait, a professor of journalism at Syracuse University.

“If the president does not have the Twitter feed, he doesn’t get the same level of coverage.”

Trump has often used Twitter to vent his frustrations and complaints about his administration, but the tweets he posted on Tuesday were a far less frequent occurrence than in recent years.

On Twitter, he often responded to news reports and messages from the public, and his posts were typically shorter in length than those of other presidents.

“In a normal day, I might tweet one or two tweets, and then maybe take a break for a few days,” Chait said.

“But on Tuesday, Trump only had two tweets.”

Chait said he thinks Trump’s lack of control over the social media site is an issue that will get worse with time.

“There’s no control,” Chaim said.

“[Twitter] is the one place he’s got to control it.

There’s no way he can make it better.”

Chad Ford, a journalism professor at American University, said the lack of communication between Trump and his staff makes it hard to predict how his presidency will play out.

“It’s a question of trust, because if Trump trusts his people, it’s very hard to be in a position where you’re not trusting the people you’re working with,” Ford said.

Chait also said that Trump’s penchant for tweeting could be a problem for the media in the future.

“The media’s going to be very concerned about that because the president is tweeting, it may be difficult for them to cover it,” Chach said.

“He’s a bit of a bully.

I think the media is going to try to look at his tweets and decide whether he has the best interests of the media at heart.”

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