Naofumi Iwatani | The Rising of the Shield Hero (WIKI)

At first glance, Naofumi looks like the villain of the group. The way he treats people, and the methods he uses to solve problems are all a bit evil.

However, he is the one who cleans up after everybody’s mess for the sake of the people who had to suffer from the consequences of the reckless behaviors of others, especially the Spear, Sword, and Bow Hero.

Ironically, he proved himself to be an amazing leader. During the Spirit Tortoise incident, he managed to keep the morale of the troops high, came up with a strategy, organized them accordingly, and in the end, led them to victory (The Rising of the Shield Hero (Light Novel Volume 15 Chapter 8).

At some point, the Hero that the people adored was Naofumi while the other three who were previously worshiped started getting hated in his place.

Naofumi set all his grudges toward them aside and extended them a helping hand by accepting them under his wing.

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