Malty S Melromarc | The Rising of the Shield Hero (WIKI)

When you first encounter Malty, she will act as a kind and friendly individual who is always looking for your best interest. If you are a boy, she’ll act flirty and cute. But don’t be deceived since that witch is a malicious psychopath and her negative traits are too many to enumerate.

But, I’ll give you some examples since it’s funny how disgusting this girl is. Malty is a pathological liar, she’s narcissistic, selfish, arrogant, deceitful, two-faced, dishonest, immoral, spiteful, obnoxious, and tyrannical.

Her best skills are deception and manipulation, her acting skills are top-notch, and she loves to insult everyone she thinks is beneath her, which is basically everyone, and has a knack for making people completely miserable.

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