‘I was a child’: ‘I had no idea how to get around in New Orleans’

Former Mayor Ray Nagin and his wife, Susan, have been named to the U.S. Senate, the U (now-demolished) is back in business, and the first wave of Hurricane Katrina evacuees returned home.

But the first two years of the Obama administration were a disaster for many New Orleanians.

For Nagin, who lost his home and most of his family, it was like a nightmare.

New Orleans was one of the poorest cities in the nation, and most residents were on the brink of destitution, according to a recent study by the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise.

Many New Orlansans did not have a single bank account, and they were vulnerable to looting and criminal activity.

And in the wake of Hurricane Rita, New Orleansans faced a major housing crisis.

Nagin’s administration, however, was able to help residents navigate the flood waters and recover from the disaster.

As a result, he became the first elected official in New Orlandia history to receive the American Community Achievement Medal, the nation’s highest civilian honor. 

New Orleans Mayor Ray Norton is pictured at the home of his wife Susan in 2015.

After a year of campaigning to become the first mayor of a major American city to receive a community award, Nagin won the award on Thursday.

“I was just so thankful to have gotten it, especially given the challenges that we faced,” Nagin said in a statement released by the American Federation of Government Employees.

“I’ve been an advocate for New Orlsans’ most vulnerable, and I am grateful to the New Orleans Police Department, the Louisiana State Police and the National Guard for their leadership and help during the devastating storm.”

Nagin is the son of a retired school teacher who is a lifelong New Oranian.

When his mother passed away, he was able see his father’s legacy through his own lens.

“I always knew that my father was a man of integrity and integrity as an American,” he said.

“It was a gift of my grandfather, who taught me the importance of loyalty to my country.”

A picture of former Mayor Ray A. Nagin (L) and his family.

Former Mayor Ray B. Nagins son, Christopher, also received the award.

“We have lost so much to this tragedy, but we have not lost faith in God,” Christopher Nagins said in the statement.

“The blessings of God are not only with us but with all of those who were impacted by this disaster.”

The awards ceremony was attended by more than 250 New Orlaans, and a number of prominent local and national political figures were also on hand to accept the honor.

In addition to the four-term mayor, the other recipients were former Gov.

Kathleen Blanco, former Gov.-elect Anthony G. Brown, state Sen. Mary Landrieu and former Sen. John Bel Edwards.

Nagin has been the mayor of New Orleans for more than 20 years, first serving as the city’s first African-American mayor in 2002. “

And now, with this award, I will always remember the work that I did.”

Nagin has been the mayor of New Orleans for more than 20 years, first serving as the city’s first African-American mayor in 2002.

He took office in 2014 after spending five years as mayor of the city of New York.

He was a strong proponent of building new schools, and in 2017 he proposed building a second school in his hometown of New Rochelle, a city that is now home to more than 1,500 schools.

He also worked to expand access to public housing in the city, and he was instrumental in creating the New York Housing Authority.

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