How much money is your grill worth?

BBQ grill is the most popular BBQ restaurant in the world and, according to a survey by French restaurant operator Siemens, it’s also one of the most expensive.

In the survey conducted by the Paris-based firm, respondents who own and use a grill valued at $4,000 or more were asked to identify the grill that most closely matched their preferences.

“For many of us, this is a way of expressing our passion for the barbecue,” said Siemes owner and CEO Jean-Marc De Gaudry.

“We are a little bit like a family.

We are very passionate about our food, we love the taste and we enjoy our customers.”

It’s a good idea to know the grill price before you decide to buy.

It’s not just for the grill, either.

In fact, many people in the survey also said that they prefer to have the grill be displayed on a separate shelf than the countertop.

So, if you want to be sure you’re getting a good deal on your grill, it might be worth trying out an alternative grill option before buying.

But, if your family does not have access to a grill, you might want to check out other barbecue options, such as the grill at your local BBQ joint.

“If you have an empty fridge, a free fridge is not a problem,” said De Goudry.

“If you want a grill that will serve the family, you can try the ones on sale, and if it’s a nice day, go to a restaurant.”

If you prefer the convenience of an open grill, or if you don’t want to cook on a grill but would like to enjoy a BBQ meal outside, it would be worth checking out barbecue grills from other restaurants, such like the BBQ Grills of France website, or other grill brands.

“You can order a grill in a small box that has no handles and it comes with an instruction manual and an instruction guide,” said Michael Ziegler, the owner of the BBQ Grill of Paris.

“And you can use your phone or tablet to cook.”

But if you’re not happy with the quality of a grill and are instead looking for something cheaper, you may want to try something cheaper than what you can find on the grill.

“A grill of the quality that Siemen says is available for less than $1,000 is really very good,” said Zieglers son, Alexandre Ziegls.

“I also like the grill I found on sale in an old gas station in Paris.”

So if you are a grill fan, and want to see what your grill grill is worth before you make a purchase, this might be a great place to start.

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