Gum Gum Fruit Becomes Edible Melon Cakes – Interest

The outer appearance is that of a melon, but it’s a sponge cake on the inside

One Piece‘s Gum Gum Fruit has received a life-sized version and convenience store snacks before, but now the sweets mail order service is selling the Gum Gum Fruit in Japan as a real-life edible melon cake.

The “melon cake” is a specialty item of where the outer appearance is that of a melon, but when you cut it, you’ll see that it’s really a sponge cake.

Melon cake maker Kato streamed a video of himself showing how to cut the One Piece cake, for all of you curious to see how it looks on the inside: is also selling a more conventional cake featuring Luffy:

The melon cake costs 13,000 yen (approximately US$100), while the Luffy cake costs 6,800 yen (US$52).

Source: via Livedoor News, Otakomu

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