Filo | The Rising of the Shield Hero (WIKI)

In another world, a world where magic and monsters are common things, a country was in grave danger. That country was called Melromarc.

Waves of Catastrophe were devastating the land, destroying villages, and killing the people. The legend said that the only way to stop the calamity was to summon the Four Cardinal Heroes. With no other choice, they began the ritual.

Motoyasu Kitamura became the Spear Hero, Ren Amaki took the role of the Sword Hero, Itsuki Kawasumi turned into the Bow Hero, and lastly, Naofumi Iwatani endorsed the name of the Shield Hero (The Rising of the Shield Hero Anime: Season 1 Episode 1).

Naofumi was a geek obsessed with video games and was thrilled to find himself in a game-like environment. In the end, it’s the dream of all hard-core gamers that was becoming a reality for him.

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