Episode 4 – Love After World Domination

The stakes are higher this episode but the show remains very sweet and surprisingly down to earth. Well, as down to earth and a show involving a talking bear with shoulder cannons can be.

I’m very happy with the way everything panned out between Haru, Desumi, and Fudo. I had an initial fear that Haru’s interest in Fudo’s private life could veer into more tropey territory, such as a cat fight between Haru and Desumi or something of that sort. Instead, Haru confronts Desumi about her feelings for Fudo and they hash it out to a resolution which I liked. I also like that, despite everything that happens in their fight, it’s a positive lesson learned for both. Haru ultimately does care about Fudo and Desumi and can’t bring herself to break up their happiness. Meanwhile, Desumi learns a sense of self-worth as someone who can love and be loved while also finding that her actions – even the small ones – can make people’s lives better and have profound impact.

It’s just good stuff!

The comedy is on point as usual. We get a dozen of great reaction shots from Desumi alone, and I love that Fudo is so oblivious that he is constantly giving out workout advice, even with Haru. The real delight is that he is authentic in encouraging her and gives solid advice too (here are the proteins you need, here are diagrams to guide you, don’t hurt yourself as that defeats the point, etc). It basically makes Fudo the muscle-bound laptop bros meme that was going around recently and I love it.

Another delightful weekly entry from Love After World Domination. It’s hard not to watch this with a big goofy smile on my face the entire time.


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