Episode 4 – I’m Quitting Heroing

Episode 4 is another interesting entry for the series. The entire episode is basically just a lunch date between Leo and Echidna, with the two of them talking over a meal and enjoying time together. Before going in, Leo does not want to be there, but by the end she has won him over.

That said, an episode like this so early in the series risks coming off as boring, even if it sticks the landing and pays off. This is most evident in the first half or so of the episode, where, to be frank, not much is happening. There is some degree of tension from the fact that Leo does not want his identity discovered, but with a bit of quick spellcraft he obscures his face and dodges that bullet. There’s also the question of whether he can sneak off early, but that similarly gets wrapped up quickly. In lieu of any tension you would expect a lot of comedy, character insight, or energetic animation to carry the scene, but overall it’s fair to middling at best. It’s not bad, but it’s nothing exceptional either.

It’s the resolution that really sells the episode and I think it’s handled quite well. Echidna’s reveal that she only wanted to heal the land and take care of her people makes for a strong motivation that is easy to root for. It also makes sense why she couldn’t seek a diplomatic solution with the humans as they would not be keen to give up the Philosopher’s Stone. So she went to war to achieve her ends and within the space of the fantasy tale we’re telling that all tracks quite nicely. It also plays into the stereotypes and animosities of the humans, with their treatment of Leo already establishing how they feel about anyone who is different from them in the slightest.

All in all, this is a solid entry that establishes the queen’s motivation and sets the stage for really rooting for our plucky misfits.


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