Episode 15 – Komi Can’t Communicate Season 2

I didn’t laugh nearly as much as I expected during this week’s episode, but I also don’t think the show is particularly trying to be funny most of the time. While everything here is generally framed in a humorous and light-hearted way, the jokes felt more like set up for character introspection instead of wholly for the sake of breakout laughs, and almost all of them at least indirectly relate to the subtle feelings that Tadano and Komi have for each other. Despite thinking the show is better off without Yamai, I liked how the whole joke around her and Nakanaka was that they were so blinded by what they wanted Komi to be that they ended up missing opportunities to understand her on a very basic level. It highlights the primary difference separating Tadano from the rest of the cast: His passivity means that he doesn’t really have any preconceptions to distract from what’s going on around him, which often makes him the one that can offer the most insight. He’s not perfect or a Mary Sue as he sometimes needs help figuring things out or coming to terms with his own feelings, but I like that we’re seeing more examples of him deducing people’s intentions without much communication. In fact, the whole bit about the boys imagining themselves dating some of the other girls from last week comes back here in a much more subdued way, further reinforcing the theme of teenagers being blinded by what they see in a person versus how that person actually is.

Tadano’s blossoming relationship with Katai is also very wholesome and adorable, and the little moment where he basically tells him that he doesn’t need to try too hard is a simple yet effective way to showcase their developing bond. We also got a lot of slow and quiet moments of Tadano and Komi just sort of observing each other. Tadano starting to maybe put pieces together that he might see Komi as something more also feels very natural, and while he predictably downplays those burgeoning feelings, I’m very curious how that growing realization will affect his ability to read other people. Will his perceptions of Komi start to change or will he take the opposite approach and be in denial of the obvious? I could see this going either way and I look forward to seeing the path taken.


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