Episode 1 – Komi Can’t Communicate Season 2

It seems like Netflix listened to some of the complaints regarding the way that the on-screen text was being handled in season one, as this episode seemed to translate most of it. I greatly appreciate that and hope they keep it consistent for more episodes to come. What I don’t appreciate is the fact that this episode isn’t properly denoted as part of a second season; it’s listed as episode 13 of season one on the Netflix app, which feels a bit weird especially when the first third of this episode goes out of its way to make it clear that it is the beginning of a new season and the return of these characters.

And boy did I miss these characters! Komi Can’t Communicate was one of my favorite shows of last year and I’m so happy that I get to deep-dive into a new episode every week, delayed release notwithstanding. This episode kicks off the new school year with a very quiet and slow introduction that gradually transitions into a chaotic sweep across who we’ve gotten to know so far. It’s the perfect summation of the show as a whole, combining very soft-spoken and relatable moments with over-the-top antics. Some of these antics can feel slightly overwhelming, but the only skit that I was a little iffy on was the one where Komi went over to Nakanaka’s house, which involves a fight breaking out between Yamai and Nakanaka to establish who was a better friend to Komi. I personally didn’t get a lot of enjoyment out of their petty back and forths because I still don’t think Komi should be friends with Yamai AT ALL after everything that she did in season one that she continues to show no remorse for. She is definitely an example of the show going a bit too far in some of its portrayals.

Thankfully, the show introduces the perfect palate-cleanser to that in the form of a new character, Makoto. I love Makoto and I will fight anybody who says otherwise, if only because he’s clearly not gonna do it himself, the giant teddy bear. I like that the show is starting strong by showing different manifestations of communication disorders in really funny, relatable ways. Makoto isn’t a bad person by any means, but he has such a massive disconnect between how he presents himself and how he THINKS he’s presenting himself. Honestly, the part that made me laugh out loud was when he finally speaks to Tadano and realizes that his voice is so much deeper and intimidating than he thought it was; I wonder when was the last time this guy heard himself speak? Makoto’s a great addition to the cast and the fact that Tadano was the one who picked up on said disconnect, like the wallflower that he is, was a nice touch. Add a couple of sweet moments between our two main leads and we are off to a fantastic start for the second season!


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