Complete Fire Force Watch Order (OFFICIAL)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if the title “firefighter” was taken literally? Well, don’t worry because we have this anime called Fire Force where firefighters literally fight fire with fire. But we’re not here to talk about how that weird concept works, no. We’re here to teach you how to watch Fire Force in order.

Fire Force isn’t like the Fate series so don’t worry and think that you need Einstein’s formula to watch it. I’ll be guiding you, so be a good weeb and hold papa QuoteTheAnime’s hand as I take you to the glorious world of Fire Force.

Ready your horses and sound the sirens because one hot blog is coming your way. Come with me and let’s burn through the official Fire Force Watch Order!

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The first season of Fire Force aired its first episode way back in July of 2019, with 24 episodes in total. The last episode was released on December 28, 2019. Each episode lasted around 23 minutes, and I must say the soundtrack is FIREEEE. See what I did there?



Of course, since it’s the first season, this is where everything and everyone is introduced including the plot. We get to meet Shinra Kusakabe, the main character of the series. It’s set in the Solar Year 198, 250 years after the Great Cataclysm that almost wiped out humanity and burned the world to the ground.

Now, all that’s left of Japan is the Tokyo Empire, and it’s facing a new disaster…Spontaneous Human Combustion. Humans suddenly turn into monsters known as Infernals, and the only way to stop them is by killing them or as they call it, “putting them to rest”. But what’s more interesting is that these guys are called the First Generation.

When the Second Generation started, it gave normal humans the ability to control the flames in their surroundings, which gave birth to the organization known as the Special Fire Force. In this group, we have Special Fire Force Company 8, the company Shinra is in.

Shinra is a Third Generation pyrokinetic, meaning that he can create his own flames and manipulate them. In a fire, Shinra lost his brother and his mother. While he was searching for them, he saw a Demon, the one that destroyed the normal life he once knew. Shinra developed a tendency to smile when he felt intense emotions.

His house burned down, he lost his family, and he went out of the house with his smile reaching from ear to ear. He didn’t receive comforting words. All he heard were whispers from the people around him. All he heard was the word…DEVIL.

Shinra, on his new path towards revenge, tries to become the exact opposite. Will this young pyrokinetic be able to turn his life around and finally avenge his family? He tries to become a hero. But will he be able to become one even if he has the Devil’s Footprints?



The Second Season of Fire Force picks up where the First Season left off. It again aired 24 episodes. The first episode aired on July 4, 2020 while the 24th episode released on December 12, 2020. It was animated by David Production, which also handled Season 1. It was even in Summer 2020 so there’s no doubt that it was HOT.



After season 1, Shinra finally met comrades that he could trust. Among a few of them are Arthur, a guy who has Medieval Schizophrenia; Tamaki, a girl who shouldn’t be around people at all for very specific reasons; Sister Iris, just a wholesome girl and probably the most normal person in Special Fire Force Company 8; Maki, a woman that will make you fall in love but will send you to your next life with a single punch; and a whole lot more!

After season 1, Shinra discovered that his brother, Sho, was alive and that the Demon that he saw during the incident that supposedly killed his family was actually his mother. He felt destroyed. He lost his purpose and the one he wanted to kill the most was actually the one he cared for with all his heart.

Shinra’s brother is also affiliated with an organization called the Evangelist, which aims to trigger another catastrophe just like the Great Cataclysm. Shinra also discovered that he had the ability called ”Adolla Burst” which is also called the Flame of Destruction. I know it’s a lot to take in, so just watch Season 1 so you can understand it.

Now, the mission of Special Fire Force Company 8, together with other companies, is to solve the mystery that surrounds the Evangelist, Spontaneous Human Combustion, the Adolla Burst, and the true origins of the Great Cataclysm. 

Their investigation may lead them to a world shattering truth. Information so secretive and mind-blowing that it’ll shake the very foundation of society. It may not stop there. It may even lead them to beings not from their own dimension. 

It’s up to Shinra and the others to discover the secrets hidden in the world. Will the Devil face off against a god?



With that in mind, we need to snuff out the flame of this blog for now. Fire Force is one amazing show, and it keeps getting better as the episodes go by. You’ll be amazed at the clean animation and the crisp sound effects. Who knows, maybe HeatBlast from Ben 10 will make a cameo.

I hope this helps you navigate the series! If you have any thoughts, let us know in the comments below, and if you want us to make a watch order for your favorite anime, leave us a message. PEACEEEEE!

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