BBQ grill tips from our friends over at Travel Barbecue in Portland, Maine

Portland, ME (AP) A trip to a barbecue grill in Maine is just what you need for a long weekend or long summer break.

Here are the best barbecue grills in town.

Barbecue grill tips: The Grill by Travel Barrington The Grill is located at 1095 E. Interstate Ave., Portland, OR 97215.

It has a wood-burning oven with wood burning chimneys and a barbecuing area.

The grill is also open late on weekdays.

There are three outdoor tables and a large seating area.

It is $100 a head.

You can reserve online or in-person.

The BBQ Grill is open on Sundays from 5:30 to 10:30 p.m.

The Grill does not serve food but there is a large selection of baked goods and beverages.

For more information, call (503) 778-3199.

The Barbecue Grill by The Smoke Shop The Smoke shop in Portland offers two indoor barbecue grilling options, one inside the shop and one outside.

Both options have charcoal briquettes on the grills.

It also has picnic tables and chairs and outdoor seating.

The Smoke is open from 5 p.c. to 10 p.p.m., Monday through Friday.

The barbecue grill has picnic areas, a picnic table and chairs.

For the most up-to-date info, visit the Smoke Shop.

The Big Smoke by The Grill The Grill, located at the corner of Interstate and W. Oregon St., Portland OR 97101, offers barbecue grilles and charcoal briques in all sizes.

It does not have a grill or barbecues.

For reservations, call 503-722-5551.

The barbecued meat is served with homemade mustard, BBQ sauce and housemade gravy.

The smoke shop also offers a full bar.

For up-the-hill dining in Portland’s Eastside, visit Eastside Pub and Grill, 821 N. Franklin St., downtown Portland OR 97209.

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