BBQ grill lights to be sold to grillers, food retailers

Meijer Australia’s BBQ Grill Light Company is set to open a barbecue grill in Melbourne’s inner west.

The new store will be located in a residential area of the CBD, in an area where Meijers first launched its barbecue grill lighting.

Meijer is the world’s third-largest retailer of barbecue grilling accessories and products.

The Melbourne-based company has been developing the Meijerman Barbecue Grill Light since it opened in the United Kingdom in 2003.

“It’s going to be an exciting project for the community,” said Meijermans CEO David O’Neill.

“We’ve always believed in the power of the barbecue and we think we have the perfect partner for this project.”

A spokesman for Meijerer said the company would be working with local businesses and community groups to ensure that the new Meijereller BBQ Grill is a success.

The first phase of the Meigerman BarbaKiswahili Barbecue Grills will open in November, with the rest of the retail chain to follow in the next few months.

Meiji’s Barbecue Lighting is set for a trial period, but the company is currently in discussions with retailers to see how the lighting can be used locally.

Meiwers new BBQ Grill will be the first Meijering product to be offered in Australia.

Meijers new barbecue grill, which will be available to grill customers on Meijercas first day of business in the city, will be sold exclusively to the hospitality industry.

The grill will feature four different styles of barbecued meats, such as pork, beef, lamb, and veal, which are priced from AU$7 to AU$12.

Customers will also be able to enjoy a BBQ cocktail or meal, which includes two courses of three courses for AU$50.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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