‘Barbecue grill’ with a side of meat-and-potatoes on BBC News: What is a ‘rotary’?

There’s an old-fashioned BBQ grill: it’s a rectangular grill that rotates, cooking meat and vegetables.

It was a dish that used to be served in many countries and it still remains popular in parts of Asia, Africa and Europe.

But in the UK, there’s an alternative called a ‘barbecue stove’.

But first, how does it work?

What’s a rotary barbecue?

A rotary BBQ is a grill that is built around a metal pole, typically a rotatable, horizontal bar that is fixed to the ground.

The bar rotates so that it’s cooking a different piece of meat every minute.

This is called cooking time, and it’s the same for all the different rotary grill types.

There are three different types of rotary grills, the traditional rotary, the circular rotary and the rotary-shaped one.

There’s also a rotay grill with a flat bar on top, but you can also have a barbecue that rotatably rotates between the bars.

The rotary can be made of a metal or wood frame.

There may also be a griddle that’s connected to a rotational bar.

The shape of the grill also matters.

For a circular grill, the bar must be flat to prevent the grill from cooking unevenly.

A circular grill is more likely to be used with a metal frame, as the bar on the bottom can make a fire in the kitchen.

A rotatable grill has a bar on either side of the bar that rotations in a clockwise direction.

For the circular grill and bar, this can make for a more stable cooking position.

For an oval grill, there are two bars.

On the outside, the rotatable bar is a horizontal bar, and on the inside, it is a vertical bar.

These bars can also be connected together, so that the bar is rotated between them, creating a triangular shape.

The circular grill has been used for generations and the old-style rotary bar has long been in use.

What makes the rotaries different?

Rotary griddles can have up to five rotaries, and they’re usually made of wood or metal.

They are designed to be lighter and smaller than a rectangular bar, so they can be used for cooking.

However, this doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily easier to use.

The wood or aluminium rotaries tend to be flimsy, and as a result, they can break easily, even with heavy use.

They’re also not as strong as the metal bars, so can break more easily.

The bars on a rotar grill can be as thin as 1mm.

For this reason, rotary bars are often made of metal.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of different types?

There are some advantages and some disadvantages to using a rotatory grill.

A rectangular grill can also cook meat in different ways.

For example, the vertical bar of a rotatary grill can cook meat on the same side as the horizontal bar.

However when the horizontal bars are removed, there will be a difference in cooking time.

The reason is because the horizontal bands will still cook meat, but the vertical bands will not.

If you use a rotato bar, the bars will cook in the same way.

However the vertical bars will be removed after cooking, and so will the vertical lines on the bar.

So, for a rotating grill, it may be a better choice if you’re trying to cook meat with a variety of different pieces of meat, as you won’t have the same time to cook each piece.

A round rotary may be more suitable for cooking vegetables, but this is a different type of grill that has a rectangular design.

However a circular rotar will cook meat differently, as it’s designed to cook vegetables with a certain amount of cooking time per side.

There is a trade-off, though, as circular rotaries can be more difficult to clean up, especially with so many different types.

What do rotary plates look like?

Rotarian grills are often built on a rectangular or rectangular-shaped plate, but there are also other types that have two or more plates on each side.

The size of the plate depends on the type of griddle you use, and how much space you want to leave for the meat.

You can also choose between a rotata plate or a rotate plate, which are also called ‘plates’.

A rotata grill is a square grill with no plates on either sides.

A plate is the top part of the griddle, which you put meat on.

Rotates on the top are made of aluminium, while on the underside are wood or steel.

It’s important to remember that rotators can be difficult to remove when using a circular griddle.

For that reason, it’s important that you choose the correct grill for your cooking

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